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Alice: Madness Returns is now a line of Diamond Select Toys action figures! The first assortment of 7-inch scale figures features the Cheshire Cat, a zombie Card Guard and Alice Liddell herself, complete with Vorpal blade, hobby horse and pepper grinder. And if you're lucky, your local shop also ordered in the Previews-exclusive Hysteria Alice, featuring Alice in her unstoppable Hysteria Mode from the game.

Visit to find the nearest comic shop!
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We are now starting the BigHead Bash Head-Hunter Contest

One-week contest: winner gets 500 tokens!
+ tokens of participation for 2nd and 3rd places.

From July 27th to August 2nd 8PM UTC
Over the week, check in the game as often as you can and kill as many different people as possible.
We'll be tracking the figures and we will post daily leaders of the BHB Forum & Facebook.

*Warning: killing the same person over and over again will not get you anywhere. You need to play the game against different people. Be a bounty hunter and bash them all!

Play here:…
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It's been an astonishing launch for Crazy Fairies.
It's a top game this month on Kongregate and it has 5,000 Facebook likes, all in less than a week time.
Crazy Fairies is out on Kongregate, Facebook and on the game's website and it is pleasing players everywhere.

Check it out here:
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Along with two new weapons, the Tea Cannon and Peppergrinder, the nine new toys from Alice: Madness Returns are a huge sucess.

You can check them out and play for FREE here:…

PS: Play with them in our new map, Bad Place 3. It really makes the madness pop out!!
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We are very happy to announce our first free to play!!

Get your favourite toys out to play with awesome weapons in a 3d environment…

Read what has been said about it here…

and here…
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Spicy Horse had a double win at this year's exhibition! Snowland, from the game Akaneiro: Demon Hunters, and Arabian Night, from Crazy Fairies game, will be displayed at E3.

The Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences (AIAS) and the Entertainment Software Association (ESA) are pleased to announce the 16 winning pieces of the esteemed 2012 Into the Pixel (ITP) collection.

Now in its ninth year, ITP is a juried art exhibition that brings together experts from the traditional fine art world and the interactive entertainment industry to display and discuss the art of the video game.  The 2012 Into the Pixel art collection will be unveiled and presented at the annual E3 in the Los Angeles Convention Center from June 5-7, 2012 at the Concourse Foyer.

Read more and check out all the winners at:
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It's the moment that you've all been waiting for.  News about one of the new games that Spicy Horse is looking to present to you this year.  The art style is unique and unforgettable, much like every game that Spicy Horse is looking to come out with now and in the future.  Kotaku kicked off a series of follow up articles around the web with this initial article that highlights what you can expect from this free-to-play gaming masterpiece.

Akaneiro is an action role-playing game that takes players to a hand-painted world inspired by ancient demons and late Edo era Japan. Players join the The Order of Akane, an elite group of demon hunters, and attempt to rid a village of yokai. The blood of slaughtered yokai turned into crystalline shards called "Karma Shards", which are what the Order of Akane harvest. There is apparently a variety of weapons that can be upgraded as well.

In English, the akane plant is called "madder", which sounds like "mad". "Color" in Japanese is "iro". Thus, "Akaneiro" refers to "the color of akane"—or for the developers, "the color of anger".

Check the rest of the article out here:…
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We know that some of you may see all of this stuff up here on our DeviantArt about "BigHead Bash" and wonder, "... what the hell is that?  Well, whatever, I'm just here for the Alice: MR/Akaneiro art!"

Well, don't pass it over before you know what you could be missing! Destructoid tells you all you need to know about this equally awesome game presented to you by the team at Spicy Horse!

In Big Head Bash, players are transported to a virtual toy store where the toys just can't seem to get along. Armed with all manner of bizarre and fantastic weapons, they wage a constant battle with one after the store closes for the night. Players will control one of these toys in team-based, 2D platforming arenas, racking up kills to earn new toys and new weapons to wreak still more havoc with.
"What I like about it," says American McGee, "is that people instantly understand the idea of collecting, playing with and trading vinyl toys. In recreating this in the game environment we give people the option to move some of their collecting impulse online – and to share their collections instantly with friends around the globe. Anyway, if I'm playing an online game I'd rather collect toys than cows!"

Check out more (and watch the incredibly funny "Cowville" trailer) here:…
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No, it's not a code name for everyone who works at Spicy Horse (although it may be able to fit...).  Instead, it's a new game coming out on mobile/social networking platforms from the studio that brought you Alice: Madness Returns.

American McGee (him of id Software and Alice fame) has announced that his fairytale social game teased last week is called Crazy Fairies - and will be a turn-based artillery title reminiscent of Worms. He's also got a dark and twisted mobile verison of Red Riding Hood in the pipeline - and isn't planning to peddle his wares on home consoles "out of the gate."

Speaking to PlayerAttack at GDC, McGee confirmed the name as well as stating that it will be based on "a multitude of fairy tale stories from around the world." Crazy Fairies promises to be an "advanced casual" 2D artillery affair, using the fairytale setting as art direction cues as well as weapon inspiration.

Read more:…
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We should have known that our version of Little Red Riding Hood would create such a stir with just one image.

"Red Riding Rood, wolves and an online and/or mobile platform to play it on. Either way, the company that brought you the twisted-tale of 'Alice' and 'Alice: Madness Returns' would be the perfect development team for such a project."

Read more at the Gaming Examiner:…
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This time, the Best Graphics and Art award came from GameSpot:

    "… Needless to say, all of these games had a visual style that not only made them memorable in a year with so many memorable moments, but they also defined their respective experiences. After some shifty eyes, some mustache twirling, and a little bit of line dancing, a winner was finally declared…"

We were in the same finals category with El Shaddai, Child of Eden, Rayman Origins, and Stacking.  If you haven't seen this yet, they are beautiful and highly recommended.

A deep well of gratitude to our friends at GameSpot and to our fans who made it possible.  You guys are the absolute best!

You can read the rest of the GameSpot article here:…
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I'll just let you get to the good part.  This is NOT the same thing as G4's X-Play Awards (Batman: Arkham City picked that one up) but rather about MSNBC's "In-Game" segment.  Alice: Madness Returns was nominated for Best Art Direction for 2011, and it was going up against Batman: Arkham City, Skyrim, El Shaddai, and Rage.

We were in some intense and amazing company, which makes this particular award mean even more.  

You can see the whole segment here on MSNBC's In-Game page.  A major tip of the hat and fabulous thanks to Todd Kenreck for the announcement.
If you've found this little corner of the world, you've stumbled upon our new favorite spot to share some of our studio artwork with you.  As time goes on, you'll see work from old and new titles, both familiar and previously unreleased.

Making video games, no matter if it's a major retail force or a small indie house, has the excellent side-effect of producing a *lot* of artwork.  Especially in the early phases, much of the concept art never develops past a few striking images.  Comparatively few pieces will find themselves featured in full animation.  What happens to those other pictures?

If you're lucky - and by reading this, you are - you can see a few more than the general public would have originally gotten a hold of.  You'll find old pictures from Alice: Madness Returns, American McGee's Grimm, BigHead BASH, and much more as we produce more and more games.

To whet your whistle, we've already uploaded a few classics - oldies but goodies - and stay tuned for more soon.